Sweden’s Hurtig: “I’ll get a tattoo of ‘shootout VAR’ if I win the Women’s World Cup”

Striker Lina Hurtig, who led Sweden to the quarterfinals in the penalty shootout, said she might have this scene tattooed on her team if they win.스포츠토토

According to an Associated Press report on the 9th, when Hurtig was asked about these fans’ requests in an interview with a Swedish radio broadcast, he said, “Now is the time to beat Japan. If we can’t beat Japan, everything will be in vain” It’s not impossible to get a tattoo,” he said.

The story continued with tattoos because of the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup Round of 16 held in Melbourne, Australia on the 6th.

At that time, Australia went to overtime with the United States 0-0 and won 5-4 in the penalty shootout.

Hurtig was the seventh kicker in the penalty shootout and scored a shot that sealed Sweden’s progress to the quarter-finals.

The process wasn’t easy.

Hurtig’s shot seemed to be blocked by goalkeeper Alissa Nair, but it barely crossed the goal line.

Nair flew to the right and the ball flew high, and at the moment it crossed the goal line, Nair stretched out his right hand and cleared it.

Referee Stephanie Frafar communicated with the VAR room and declared a goal, and the Swedish players jumped with joy.

The goal line reading video confirming that the ball crossed the goal line was shown on the stadium’s electronic board and relay video, but the ball almost touched the inside of the goal line.

The United States has reached the semifinals in each of the eight previous Women’s World Cups, and is the ‘strongest team’ that has won the championship four times.

After defeating the United States dramatically and reaching the quarterfinals, Swedish soccer fans are enthusiastic about the national team’s promotion.

Hurtig also confessed that he was very nervous during the short time waiting for the VAR result.

“I’ve seen many VAR videos, but I don’t want to watch this scene again,” he said.

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