“I’m more interested than Lee Jung-hoo” Kim Hye-seong’s Work Essik, which even ML scouts admired, ended Kiwoom’s 9th consecutive victory

“I like Lee Jung-hoo, but personally, I’m more interested in Kim Hye-seong.”메이저놀이터

A major league (ML) scout I recently met showed interest in Kim Hye-seong (24, Kiwoom Heroes). The reason is not only her outstanding athletic ability that will lead her in the major leagues, but also her work ethic (work ethic). And that work-ethic eventually became the driving force behind erasing the humiliation of having the most consecutive losses since the team was founded.

Kiwoom won the Lotte Giants 10-8 in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League regular season home game held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Guro-gu, Seoul on the 8th. With this, Kiwoom, who won its first victory in August, broke its 9-game losing streak, which was the tie record for the most consecutive losses since its foundation in 2008.

As with any team, it was not easy for Kiwoom to get out of the swamp of losing streak. In the top of the ninth inning, leading 10-3, Joo Seung-woo brought a bases loaded crisis by walking three times in a row from two outs. ‘Madangsoe’ Lee Myeong-jong was put in, but it was hardly evolved. In the end, closer Lim Chang-min took the mound, but it was only after giving up 3 more points that he was able to secure the victory. The final score was 10-8, only 2 points away. If he hadn’t scored a lot earlier, Kiwoom would have fallen into its first 10 consecutive losses.

In that sense, I can’t help but talk about Kim Hye-sung’s fighting spirit at the end of the 3rd inning, which was the starting point for the massive scoring. In fact, Kim Hye-seong’s physical condition was not good that day, even director Hong Won-ki Kiwoom did not want to let him go. The previous day (8th) Kim Hye-seong suffered a bruise on his left knee after being hit by his own foul ball against Gocheok Lotte and was replaced.

Before the game, coach Hong said, “I originally intended to give him a break today, but the player himself had a strong will to play. It doesn’t seem like a normal bruise. Kim Hye-seong is not a player who expresses his intention to be replaced during a game. He worried that it was too much,” and explained, “I strongly expressed my intention to participate in the process of checking my body early today (9th).

Kim Hye-seong, who was forced to participate in the end, flew every at-bat. He warmed up the bat with a hit in the first inning and hit a timely hit with an RBI that brushed the side of the second baseman in the third inning where both teams faced off 1-1. The most impressive scene came after that. Kim Hye-seong, who advanced to third base with Ronnie Dawson’s hit and Song Seong-moon’s walk, sprinted toward home when Lee Joo-hyeong hit a grounder on the first base side. Lotte first baseman Koh Seung-min was flustered and made a bad throw to home, and the follow-up runner, Dawson, stepped home, making the score 4-1.

Following Kim Tae-jin’s two RBIs and timely hits, Kiwoom made the score 6-1 and earned points to keep the lead even in the ninth inning when the bullpen was devastated. After that, he recorded 3 hits, 2 RBIs, and 2 runs in the final 4 at-bats with a hit and 1 RBI on a sacrifice fly.

However, the person involved in the fighting spirit responded that it was natural after the game. Kim Hye-seong said calmly, “I have to run unless my legs are broken.” I told the manager to remove it. I thought that if the defense did not become 100% (body), it would be a nuisance to the pitcher and the team.”

He was more delighted with his escape from losing streak than his appearance and performance. Kim Hye-seong said, “I like it best because I broke the team’s losing streak. Other players besides me did so well that I watched it comfortably at the dugout.” Everyone told us to work hard together as one, but I think it’s good to end the losing streak.”

The reason why he was preferred by major league scouts as much as Lee Jung-hoo, who is said to be the best in the KBO in terms of work style, came out in the next question and answer session. Kim Hye-seong is famous for her self-management, which is admired by her seniors and juniors to the extent that she doesn’t eat ramen once a year. However, there is one thing that he is not good at, so she is a shortstop defense. He has a personal attachment, but it’s not as easy as it sounds in real life.

Kim Hye-seong said, “I sleep a lot when I rest during the season with the mindset of ‘I have to rest well after the season’. I think everyone has the same desire to play.” I had the heart to try, but it didn’t help the team because mistakes came out one after another. Still, I’m always preparing. It should be seen as a result, but it’s just a pity that I couldn’t.”

Kiwoom, who recorded 42 wins, 3 draws and 58 losses, maintained 9th place ahead of the Samsung Lions (40 wins, 1 draw, 56 losses), who defeated the Doosan Bears on the same day. With 41 games left, it was 9.5 games behind 5th place Doosan (48 wins, 1 draw, 45 losses). Kim Hye-seong said, “I think the only thing left to do is to go up now. Everyone said, ‘Let’s go up now’ after losing a losing streak, but I’m happy that it’s today. I hope I can do better.”

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