Na Seong-beom and Choi Hyeong-woo cannot make a highlight film every day… ‘AVG 0.351’ KIA Tess-type presence is nice 

 How do Na Seong-beom and Choi Hyung-woo play well every day? Batting line without captain Kim Sun-bin. In the end, Socrates Brito has to do it.메이저사이트

Socrates has a little drop in both percentage and cumulative stats this season compared to last year. In 127 games in the 2022 season, 514 at-bats, 160 hits, batting average 0.311, 17 home runs, 77 RBIs, 83 runs scored, 12 stolen bases, OPS 0.848. This season, in 89 games, 100 hits in 343 at-bats, a batting average of 0.292, 13 home runs, 59 RBIs, 57 runs scored, and 9 stolen bases, an OPS of 0.830.

The average is less than 30%, and the slugging percentage has dropped from 0.494 last year to 0.472 this year. However, last year, he suffered a facial injury from Kim Gwang-hyeon (SSG)’s pitch and took a break for a month. This season, except for just two games, he plays faithfully. Therefore, doubles (29 last year, 19 this year) and home runs (17 last year, 13 this year) may surpass last year.

If you go out without getting sick, it is natural that your cumulative record is better than last year. After all, impact and nutritional value are important. In that respect, the recent performance is good. In 10 games, 13 hits in 45 at-bats, a batting average of 0.351, 8 RBIs and 8 runs scored. It’s not a style that gets a lot of walks, but he looks at the ball well enough to strike out only 4 during this period. There is no home run, but the fact that he hit 5 doubles is outstanding.

In the case of the Busan Lotte game on the 11th, there was a catch mistake in the outfield. However, in the 4th inning Aaron Wilkerson’s changeup calmly connected with a right-handed hit to advance the preceding runner, and in the 7th inning he appeared as the lead batter and converted Shin Jeong-rak’s changeup into a double in the middle right. On this day, the KIA line was quiet, but Socrates fought hard.

Socrates is the 5th hitter in the KIA complete batting line. When Na Seong-beom and Choi Hyung-woo make RBIs in numbers 3 and 4, they create big innings from behind or connect opportunities to Seon-bin Kim and Woo-seong Lee in numbers 6 and 7. Since there is no Kim Sun-bin, there is a need to solve it a little more, and it actually shows.

Based on the baseball statistics site Statties, WAR is 3.26, which is 7th in the league and 1st for foreign hitters. SSG Guillermo Heredia (3.25) was beaten by a narrow margin. Adjusted scoring production is 135.5, 12th in the league and 4th in foreign batters, and 13th in the league and 3rd in foreign batters with a weighted on-base percentage of 0.379.

For KIA, it would be good if Socrates made more long hits and decisive hits on an absolute basis. Still, the current level of activity is good enough. It is a market environment where it is increasingly difficult to bring in good foreign players. If there is no change of heart, it is worth renewing the contract next year.

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