‘Depth rich’ LG, AG blank alternatives are ready… there is no gap

The LG Twins, which are leading the league alone with their tight power, will participate in the Hangzhou Asian Games, which will open in September, with three key players.메이저놀이터

Among fielders, third baseman Moon Bo-kyung, bullpen nucleus Jung Woo-young and closer pitcher Ko Woo-seok on the mound, three important players will join the national team wearing the Taegeuk mark.

Since the KBO league runs without interruption during the Asian Games, LG has to digest the league schedule for about 3 weeks without the core power of pitching.

The power outflow is painful as the ranking battle for fall baseball is heading to its climax, but LG, which has plenty of depth, has already prepared a countermeasure.

Regarding the vacancy at third base, LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop, whom we recently met at Jamsil Stadium, said, “Kim Min-sung and Son Ho-young will take turns filling the third base.”

Veteran infielder Kim Min-seong (35) is an all-round utility player who can play all positions in the infield. Even at the beginning of this season, he was put in whenever there was a vacancy in the infield and performed more than expected, giving a great boost to LG’s leap to the lead.

Although he was absent for a while due to an injury, he has recently returned to the first team in a healthy state to help strengthen the infield.

Another infielder, Son Ho-young (29), is also preparing steadily for the second team. Son Ho-young, who went down to the 2nd team on the 9th because there is something to fix in the batting part, is working hard to make up for the lacking part without participating in the game.

Coach Yeom said, “Now, training is more important than playing the game. In the morning and afternoon, I focus only on batting, hitting 1,500 balls, and at night, I practice defense. It will be of great help during the Asian Games.”

The selection of Jung Woo-young and Ko Woo-seok can also be sufficiently filled with other players. Ham Deok-joo, Yoo Young-chan, and Baek Seung-hyun are active as the core bullpen, so it is reassuring.

The finishing position is expected to be taken by Park Myeong-geun, who is about to return to the first team.

Park Myung-geun, who played 36 games in the bullpen gap in the first half and recorded 4 wins, 5 holds, 5 saves and an average ERA of 3.25, was placed on the injured list on the 7th of last month due to elbow pain. After that, he worked hard on rehabilitation for about a month, and is currently developing a sense of practice by participating in the Futures (second team) league.

Manager Yeom plans to bring Park Myung-geun to the first team on Tuesday or Thursday of this week.

As of the 14th, LG has 46 games left in the regular season. Head coach Yeom, who is aiming for a combined championship, emphasized, “From now on, every game is a match.”

“From now on, the number of games left is limited, so the result of each game is inevitably important. Even if you lose at the beginning of the season, you have time and opportunity to make up for it, but if you lose now, you cannot afford to make up for it. You need to do your best in each game to accumulate wins. do,” he explained.

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