KIA Kim Do-young self-lashing… AVG 0.300, but 0.224 worry ‘From the mind, the second Lee Jong-beom’

“I was sorry that I kept missing the scoring ticket. I was also intimidated.”메이저놀이터

KIA Kim Do-young (20) seems to have shown all of his baseball talents, which is not like a second-year player, but there is one thing that has not yet been verified. He’s the ability to get out quickly when the batting pace is bad. The most important thing in long-term races is to minimize the bad sections rather than taking long sections in good condition.

When the main hitter plays 144 games, the general opinion is that the section where the ball looks like a watermelon and shows the feeling of peak hitting is not that long. In the end, it comes to the conclusion that the true value of that player is to contribute to the team somehow by minimizing bad sections.

Kim Do-young was not a starting player last year. Since he consistently failed to play, accurate verification itself was impossible. However, he is a steadfast starting third baseman all season. However, he burned for a month from right after his comeback in June to July. He had some ups and downs, but was generally in a good mood.

For Kim Do-yeong, August is the first time of trial. August batting average: 23 hits in 85 at-bats in 21 games, batting average of 0.271, 11 RBI, 20 runs, 1 steal. It is significantly lower than 0.318 in June and 0.308 in July. Of course, his stats are enough to make him forget that he is in his second year of high school. It is difficult to say that he failed with a grade of 2.7 for a second-year high school graduate.

But Kim Doyoung is different. He constantly whips himself. To Kim Do-young, who I met right after the second round of the Moon Kim Dae-jeon on the 27th, it seemed that he had no time to get wet with his feelings about Moon Dong-ju (Hanwha). His own hitting is not satisfactory, but Moon Dong-ju is just one of the starting pitchers in nine clubs.

Kim Do-young said, “When it’s not good, the timing for fastball is too late for Toona Thing. He’s too late to react. He might go longer.” Although his batting average is 0.231 in the last 10 games, he has entered a recovery phase with 4 hits in 12 at-bats in 3 consecutive matches against Hanwha. Manager Kim Jong-guk confirmed that Do-young Kim’s batting balance improved and even returned him from the 9th batting order to the 2nd batting order.

Nevertheless, Kim Do-young continues to worry about the timing being late due to the unfavorable ball count after the 2nd strike. He should have a tighter strike zone of his own and a more compact swing. If the timing is late, he seems to have an advantage in attacking the breaking ball, but it is difficult to respond to the fastball. Still, it is possible to cope with the so-called ‘middle timing’ by matching the timing to the fastball. Kim Doyoung is still fighting with himself.

Another metric that Kim Do-young cares about is his scoring power batting average. The batting average for the season until the 27th is exactly 0.300. He went down to the 2nd level and then recovered to the 3rd level through a 3-game series against Hanwha. In 44 games this season, batting average 0.300, 2 homers, 21 RBI, 35 runs, 12 stolen bases, 0.357 slugging percentage, 0.439. However, he is sluggish in scoring with 0.224. Anyway, considering that the scoring position converges with the season batting average, he doesn’t have to be so stressed out.

However, Kim Doyoung has a strong sense of responsibility. “I felt sorry for the team for missing the scoring opportunity, and it also shrank. He didn’t see the batted ball go out.” Of course, “Now I try to think comfortably. He said, “I feel that he is getting better little by little.”

This is a valuable experience and learning. In fact, even if he suffers from sluggish batting in August, he contributes more than expected to the team in running and defense. Even now, it is the second year of riding, how far will it evolve through this experience and side effects? It’s clear that he’s the second Lee Jong-beom from the mind, so no matter how you look at it, it’s not normal. Kim Do-young, who is growing day by day, is the joy of KIA fans.

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