Presenting a training plan… Boston saw cotyledons

At first, I didn’t even believe myself. “No, why me?” Entering the United States, which I questioned myself. It wasn’t until after I signed the contract that I felt, “I’ve become a member of the Boston Red Sox.”메이저놀이터

I recently met Lee Chan-sol (18), a right-handed pitcher in his senior year at Seoul High School, who signed a minor league contract with Boston, a prestigious major league team. Lee Chan-sol, who recently returned from a field trip to the United States, said, “I thought it was good to sign a contract when I saw the club facilities in person. He could see the high-tech environment of the major leagues with his own eyes. Even though it was a rookie league, all facilities from the training ground to the locker room and swimming pool were perfect.”

Lee Chan-sol is a promising player that scouts for each club in the KBO League paid attention to. He knows how to throw a fast ball of 150km per hour, a slider, a cutter, and a variety of breaking balls, such as a changeup. His physique is also solid, with a height of 1m85cm and a weight of 88kg. Thanks to these advantages, a top nomination was expected in the 2024 KBO draft to be held on September 14, but the destination changed when he signed a minor league contract with Boston last month.

Boston has shown interest in Lee Chan-sol since last May, and the contract was finalized last month. Chansol Lee said, “I didn’t believe it at first. I couldn’t believe it when they said they would recruit me with poor grades this year.” Looking at the tightly woven data, I became convinced.”

Last month, Chansol Lee visited the club’s training ground in Fort Myers, Florida, USA. In this spot, his interest and affection for Boston grew even more. Lee Chan-sol said, “The Boston emblem was attached to every corner of the facility. He was told it was meant to boost his self-esteem. He also advised the club staff to ‘always wear the club uniform’ with the same meaning. He stayed for a few days and his admiration for Fenway Park (Boston’s home stadium), which boasts history and tradition, grew even more.”

Coach Yoo Jung-min of Seoul High School, who coached Lee Chan-sol for the past three years, said, “(Lee) Chan-sol has a good physique and excellent athletic ability. I believe he will achieve good results in the future.” Lee Chan-sol said, “I will step on the mound in the major leagues within three to four years.”

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