‘Almighty’ Kim Ha-seong, even the coach with 1,500 wins… The first major feat in the history of the club is visible

San Diego manager Bob Melvin is one of the veteran managers currently representing the Major League. He began his major league managerial career in Seattle in 2003, went on to Arizona (2005-2009) and Oakland (2011-2021), and is currently serving as the head coach of San Diego.

He is a master player who achieved 1,500 wins (1,419 losses) in 2,919 major league games. He watched from the dugout for close to 3,000 games, watching numerous superstars, and countless other elite talents. Coach Melvin recently fell in love with Kim Ha-seong (28, San Diego). He hits well, catches well, and runs well. He knows how to play according to the position and situation. He is even smart. He can’t help but seep in.

As Kim Ha-seong’s batting skills improved after mid-June, it was Manager Melvin who maximized Kim Ha-seong’s talent by boldly moving him to the leadoff position. After being promoted to leadoff, Ha-Seong Kim completely broke away from the existing stigma of being a ‘lower batting order hitter’ by showing more persistent games, a higher on-base percentage, and more active base running play. Coach Melvin praised Ha-seong Kim, saying he was a player who could do anything.메이저놀이터

In an interview with the club on the 5th (Korean time) commemorating the team’s 1,500th win, Coach Melvin was asked about the current team players and continued to praise them. Of course, Ha-seong Kim was also on that list. Coach Melvin, who has consistently given favorable reviews to Ha-sung Kim in media interviews, expressed his strong trust in the team by commenting, “This is a season in which we did everything.”

Coach Melvin said, “He has solidified his leadoff position since being deployed forward. He is playing a variety of positions, playing above average and playing above average defense. If a left-handed pitcher is on the mound today, I will pick him 3 times.” “If there is a right-handed pitcher, we can put him in at number 2,” he said, emphasizing that he is a talent who can be used in a variety of ways in defense as well as offense.

He then listed what Ha-seong Kim has done recently, saying, “Stealed bases, important hits, leadoff home runs, and regular home runs…” He then added, “It’s been a fantastic year. And he still has a month left. There’s more to accomplish for him. “And at this point, 31 stolen bases is a very cool number,” he said, highlighting Kim Ha-seong’s all-round performance.

Ha-seong Kim cannot be said to be the unrivaled best in any one field. He is not a typical home run hitter. He doesn’t have a very high batting average either. He’s not even the best thief, as his league steal rankings show. He is one of the best defenders, but he also has competition. It is difficult to guarantee that he is number one.

However, Ha-seong Kim’s advantage is that he can handle all of them. His defense is at the S level, and his offense and base running also rose to A level as a center infielder this year. Moreover, he is sincere and has no injuries. Workstyle is also S-class. He cannot help but be liked by coaches and fans.

Kim Ha-seong’s all-round ability is also revealed in his records. There hasn’t been much versatility like this in the history of the San Diego team. As of the 5th, Ha-seong Kim has 128 hits, 17 home runs, and 31 stolen bases in 134 games. He has already reached his 30 stolen bases, and at his current pace, it seems possible for him to surpass last year’s record (130 hits), which was his most in a season, and have more than 140 hits. If he does well, he could even hit 20 home runs.

It doesn’t have to be 20 home runs. In the history of the San Diego team, no player has recorded more than 140 hits, 15 home runs, and 30 steals in a single season. Not necessarily, but home runs and stolen bases tend to be a bit conflicting. This is because it is not that common for a player who can hit long distances to also run well. However, Ha-Seong Kim has one shot and is also a strong player.

The player who came closest to meeting this condition recently was Will Myers in 2016. Myers appeared in 157 games at the time, recording 155 hits and 28 home runs. However, he failed to reach 30 stolen bases. In 2006, Mike Cameron had 148 hits and 22 home runs in 141 games. But he also failed to reach 30 stolen bases. Basically, in the history of the San Diego team, there has never been a player who achieved 140 hits, 20 home runs, and 30 stolen bases at the same time. Ha-seong Kim takes on his first challenge.

Even looking at this year’s entire major league record, Kim Ha-seong’s performance is not something that can be easily imitated. As of the 5th, there are only 5 players in the major leagues, including Ha-seong Kim, who have recorded more than 125 hits, 17 home runs, and 30 stolen bases. In addition to Ha-seong Kim, there are Ronald Acuña Jr. (Atlanta), Bobby Witt (Kansas City), Julio Rodriguez (Seattle), and Corbin Carroll (Arizona). They are all symbols of the Hotajun tribe representing the league.

There is a feeling that the number of stolen bases has increased this year as the pitch clock was introduced, checks and balances were introduced, and the physical base grew. Nevertheless, it proves that it is not an easy record to achieve. The fact that Ha-Seong Kim is in this ranks is amazing in itself. In addition, except for Ha-seong Kim and Witt, the other three are outfielders with relatively less burden on defense. You can feel the value of Ha-seong Kim. The $100 million story doesn’t come up for nothing

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