Ha-seong Kim remains silent for two consecutive games against Philadelphia… Batting average 0.271

San Diego Padres Kim Ha-seong reached base with a walk, but failed to produce a hit for the second straight game.메이저놀이터

Ha-seong Kim started as a second baseman and first hitter in the 2023 Major League Baseball home game against the Philadelphia Phillies held at Petco Park in San Diego, California, USA on the 7th (Korean time) and recorded no hits in three at-bats, one walk, and three strikeouts.

Kim Ha-seong, who failed to produce a hit in two consecutive games, saw his season batting average fall from 0.273 to 0.271. At the same time, he struck out 3 times in one game for the first time in about a month since the game against the Seattle Mariners on the 9th of last month.

Ha-seong Kim, who faced Philadelphia starting pitcher Jack Wheeler, retired with a missed swing and strikeout in both the first and fourth innings. Wheeler’s fastball and sinker caused the bat to spin.

Ha-seong Kim succeeded in getting on base with one out in the sixth inning. In 3 balls and 1 strike, Wheeler’s 94.4 miles per hour (approximately 151.9 km) body sinker did not hit the bat and resulted in a walk.

However, Ha-seong Kim did not advance further as Fernando Tatis Jr. struck out on a missed swing and Juan Soto retired with a grounder to first base.

Kim Ha-seong, who was the last to hit in the 8th inning with one out and a chance to run on first and second base, faced right-hander Jeff Hoffman, but struck out on a slider on the inside during a full count.

San Diego (66-75) lost 1-5, ending its two-game winning streak. This three-game series against Philadelphia ended with a losing series, with a record of 1 win and 2 losses.

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