Boston’s Yoshida, who advanced to the ML after winning the 2021-2022 title as the 4th hitter captain, said, “I watched Orix’s 3rd consecutive league loss game, and the strong pitching team was impressive.”

The Japanese professional baseball Orix Buffaloes are a familiar team to Korean baseball fans. Koo Dae-sung played, and Park Chan-ho, Lee Seung-yeop, and Lee Dae-ho played. ‘Baseball genius’ Ichiro Suzuki ranked first in batting for 7 consecutive years as a member of Orix. Orix Bluewave, which was based in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, near Osaka, merged with Kintetsu Buffaloes and started anew as Orix Buffaloes in 2005.온라인카지노

Orix was far from winning for a long time after winning two consecutive Pacific League titles in 1995-1996, when Ichiro was active. The team that was hovering in the middle or lower ranks took first place in 2021 and lifted the championship trophy for three consecutive years in 2022.

With 13 games left in the regular season, champagne was popped for the first time in front of a packed audience at Osaka Dome.

Last year, they secured the championship by winning an away game against the Rakuten Eagles in Sendai. He took first place in the 143rd and last game of the pennant race.

Luck came when the Softbank Hawks, who were leading, lost to Chiba Lotte Marines in the final game. After trailing by 11.5 games, they staged a comeback drama that seemed like a lie.

Orix, which dramatically took first place, defeated Yakult Swallows in the Japan Series and rose to the top of Japanese professional baseball for the first time in 26 years. The process of winning the Japan Series was also impressive. They went from 1 draw and 2 losses to 4 consecutive wins and fired a congratulatory gun.

Masataka Yoshida (30) is the leading player in Orix’s championship in 2021-2022. When Orix lost two games in a row, he played a big role as the number 4 hitter and led the team as captain.

Yoshida, who played a leading role in the team’s second consecutive loss, transferred to the Boston Red Sox at the end of last year. He signed a 5-year contract worth $95 million, with an average annual salary of $18 million. Under good conditions, he succeeded in advancing to the major leagues, something he had dreamed of for a long time.

Osaka Kyocera Dome on the 20th, when Orix defeated Chiba Lotte and confirmed the championship. Yoshida sent a message congratulating the winner on the electronic display board.

Yoshida also said through the Japanese media, ‘I am aiming to win the Japan Series for the second year in a row. Although it will be difficult, please do your best in the best condition until the Climax Series (postseason) and Japan Series.’

In Japanese professional baseball, the teams ranked 1st to 3rd in both leagues go through the Climax Series to determine who will advance to the Japan Series. The 2nd and 3rd place teams play the first stage, and the team that wins here plays the final stage against the 1st place team.

First year in major league. Yoshida said he watched the Orix game as a highlight. He said, “A strong pitcher

He said, “It was impressive that Jin won by allowing the fewest runs.”

Orix has the best mound in the league with a team ERA of 2.63. Ace Yoshinobu Yamamoto (14 wins) and left-hander Hayato Miyagi (10 wins) are holding on.

Orix filled Yoshida’s vacancy with a free agent. Tomoya Mori, a right-handed pitching left-handed catcher who played for the Seibu Lions, was brought in. Mori was the Pacific League batting champion in 2019. Key players such as Yamamoto and Yutaro Sugimoto held a farewell party for Yoshida

. Mori also attended this event. Yoshida said, ‘Mori came in and was able to leave with peace of mind.’ He

continued, ‘When I joined in 2016, Orix was a team that couldn’t win often. It was rewarding to see the number of games they won and the attendance increase. I felt it.’

Prior to Orix, the Hanshin Tigers, who use Nishinomiya Koshien Stadium in Hyogo Prefecture near Osaka as their home, won the Central League. This is the first time that two teams from the Kansai region won the championship at the same time.

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