KBO “Choi Won-jun’s injury was not serious when he was hit by a batted ball… Things are getting worse in Hangzhou” 

“Choi Won-jun, the injury was not serious when he was hit by the ball.”메이저놀이터

KIA Tigers outfielder Choi Won-jun (26) is out for the season. Choi Won-jun, who was selected to the baseball team for the ‘2022 Hangzhou Asian Games’, suffered muscle damage after being hit on the calf while playing base during domestic training held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 27th of last month, just before leaving the country.

Choi Won-jun, who returned to his team KIA on the 10th after returning from Hangzhou, China after the competition, underwent a checkup at a domestic hospital. The result was a diagnosis of 6 to 8 weeks anteversion with micro-damage to his left calf muscle. The season is out.

Naturally, attention was focused on why he was not diagnosed with his injury before leaving for Hangzhou. An official from the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) said in a phone call with Sports Seoul on the 10th, “When Choi Won-jun was hit by a batted ball during domestic training on September 27, he showed simple symptoms of pain. “He said the national team trainers and staff, as well as the player himself, were all fine,” he said, explaining that the injury was not serious enough to warrant a check-up at the hospital.

A KBO official said, “Choi Won-jun completed his batting training normally even after arriving in Hangzhou. But his condition gradually worsened,” he said. It is said that the Korean Sports Council team doctor, who is located an hour away from the national team, visited the national baseball team twice to check on Choi Won-jun’s condition.

An official said, “I was examined twice. At the time of the examination, the team doctor said, ‘Choi Won-jun has a simple contusion sprain and will be fine soon.’ He added, “Because it was not a clear trauma or emergency situation at the time, it was not easy for him to receive a detailed examination at a local hospital in China.”

An official said, “If Choi Won-jun had suffered an injury serious enough to be out of the season right before leaving for Hangzhou, the roster would have been replaced. He wasn’t seriously injured until he left the country. “The national team continued to monitor and monitor Choi Won-jun’s injury locally,” he emphasized.

Cho Gye-hyeon, chairman of the Power Strengthening Committee, also said, “I saw it, judged it, and acted on site. “I know that at the time Choi Won-jun was hit, it was not serious,” he explained. 

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