Half of the fans said, “We support Coach Roberts,” and PS was crazy, but it is true that he is currently ranked first in regular season winning percentage.

 It turns out that fans generally have negative thoughts about the dismissal of manager Dave Roberts, the head coach of the Los Angeles Dodgers, who were eliminated from the Division Series (DS) for two consecutive years.메이저사이트

As of 9 p.m. on the same day, 3,822 fans participated in a survey asking, ‘Do you overall support Manager Roberts’ job performance this season?’ posted on SNS on the 14th (Korean time) by Dodgers fan media Dodgers Nation, with 47.7% responding. ‘Yes,’ he expressed a positive opinion.

The negative opinion of ‘It is not so’ was 36%, which was 11.7% lower than the positive opinion. The opinion that ‘I don’t know’ is 16.3%.

Regarding this, Sports Illustrated (SI) said, ‘There seem to be many fans calling for the dismissal of Coach Roberts, but I haven’t heard much about the dismissal of President Andrew Friedman.’ Coach Roberts said, ‘Coach Roberts has a team of players created by the club’s front office. He just did his job faithfully. He spoke highly of Coach Roberts, saying, “He did really well this year.”

According to Dodgers Nation, Manager Roberts had a meeting with the club’s leadership after losing the first and second games of the DS held at home, and reportedly received assurances that “don’t worry” about his future even if he is eliminated from the DS.

The Dodgers, who won 100 games in the regular season and won the NL West Division, lost 2 to 11 in the first game against the Arizona Diamondbacks held at Dodger Stadium on the 8th as starter Clayton Kershaw allowed six runs in the first inning, and lost the second game. Also, the team bowed out with a score of 2-4 due to the poor performance of starter Bobby Miller and the silence of the batting lineup. They then lost 2-4 in the third game held in Phoenix, failing to advance to the NL Championship Series with three losses.

Last year, the Dodgers set the club’s all-time record with 111 wins in the regular season, but were eliminated in the DS by losing 1 win and 3 losses to the San Diego Padres. Even after reaching 100 wins for two years in a row, they failed to pass the first postseason hurdle, a situation that could see the anger of fans boiling over. However, in reality, the prevailing sentiment is that ‘Director Roberts did a good job’.

The analysis is that there are two main reasons why the Dodgers were eliminated early from the postseason. One is the failure to properly reinforce the starting lineup at the trade deadline last summer, and the other is the poor performance of key hitters. In particular, there was nothing they could do as Mookie Betts and Freddie Freeman, who are known as the strongest table setters, went 0-for-11 and 1-for-10, respectively, in the three DS games.

Even so, there is considerable analysis that Manager Roberts’ timing of pitcher replacement was not appropriate. In particular, in Game 3, while starter Lance Lynn hit 4 home runs in the 3rd inning, Coach Roberts was criticized for consistently watching and ruining the game.

Although Coach Roberts didn’t have much fun in the postseason, it is no exaggeration to say that he is the best coach of all time in the regular season. The Dodgers have won the district championship 10 times while making the postseason for the past 11 consecutive years. Seven of them were created by Coach Roberts. Additionally, excluding the shortened season in 2020, he has achieved 100 wins for four consecutive seasons since 2019. This is a major league first record.

Manager Roberts took command of the Dodgers and recorded a total of 753 wins and 442 losses (0.630) in the regular season. His winning percentage is the highest among active coaches and fourth among all 839 coaches.

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