‘The keyword for short-term games is aiming’… The key is the difference in flexibility between pitching and batting

The number of targets determines whether you win or lose in a short-term war. This is because there is a difference in flexibility between pitchers and batters. The same goes for the first round of the semi-playoffs held on the 22nd. I would like to tell you that story.

SSG Elias and NC Shin Min-hyuk,카지노사이트 who started as starters in the first semi-PO game, pitched with concentration to match the weight of the game. Elias threw 88 balls until the 8th inning. A flow that allows for a complete game. So coach Kim Won-hyung did not bring out a replacement card in the 8th inning following the 7th. On this day, Elias’ pitching tempo in the first 3 to 4 innings was very fast. He overwhelmed the NC batters and even appeared to threaten them to the point of intimidation. From the director’s point of view, it is probably right to continue to trust and leave it to him.

However, due to the short-term nature of the game, the game was targeted by batters who decided the winner. Pitchers cannot easily let go of their characteristics. The batter must delve into this part to have a chance of winning. Elias selected 15 fastballs, 12 changeups, and 1 slider as the first pitch until the 8th inning. That’s almost half the probability. So what kind of pitches should batters focus on?

Seongwook Kim set his sights on a changeup. And the pitch he was aiming for was formed almost in the middle of the field and led to a two-run home run that broke the balance. This is the one shot that destroyed Elias.

The answer lies in Elias’ victory over the two batters he faced before Kim Seong-wook. Elias chose a fast ball as the first pitch winning pitch for Seo Ho-cheol and Kim Hyeong-jun. Kim Seong-wook, who was waiting while reading the numbers, expected a change-up game and ended up with a great success.

Shin Min-hyuk, the NC starter at the opposite end of the spectrum, is a different type from Eliwas. Sophistication is a weapon. The advantage is the changeup, which took over 40% even during the season. Shin Min-hyuk’s change-up has a tunneling section that matches the fastball, and he showed off its strengths in the first game of the semi-PO.

Here, the bench pitcher replacement was also appropriate. Manager Kang In-kwon was not greedy and took out a replacement card in the 5th inning against left-handed hitter Hanyu Seom. 5.2 innings, 87 pitches. It can be inferred that Manager Kang calculated Shin Min-hyuk’s pitch count that day to that extent.

In short-term games, the key to winning is the hitter’s aim and the pitcher’s ability to avoid mishits. After about one at-bat, batters begin to adjust to the opposing pitcher. This is why pitchers must be careful about pitch selection and control.

As a result, the winner of the first game of PO was the moment when coach Kang In-kwon chose pinch hitter Kim Seong-wook. And, just like in the wild card game, what put a wedge in the game was Park Min-woo’s stolen third base at the end of the game.

Park Min-woo’s stolen third base created an opportunity to put pressure on the opponent’s defense. When a runner goes to third base, SSG has no choice but to change its defensive formation in a situation where it cannot give up one point. Martin, the follow-up hitter, hit a timely hit and brought Park Min-woo home.

I am very curious whether Park Min-woo’s ability to steal third base will continue in the remaining semi-POs. The opposing pitcher must not only check but also change the pitching tempo to prevent Park Min-woo from stealing bases, which shakes the entire camp. If you pitch with the same breath and beat, Park Min-woo will read it. Being careless is an opportunity for Park Min-woo. He has already proven it with two stolen bases.

SSG lost, but scored 2 runs in the 9th inning. By recording 3-4 instead of 1-4 on the electronic scoreboard, he showed his will not to be defeated in a battle of wits. In the second match of the semi-PO, the clash between NC, which is strong, and SSG, which will not give up easily, will be even more exciting.

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